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Vedhala Ulagam Tamil Movie Download

It is the first of Meiyappan's collaborations with Padmini, the later directing Madurai Veeran in 1951. The film stars A. V. Meiyappan and Padmini in lead roles, with G. Sakunthala and S. Rama Rao in supporting roles. The music was composed by K. V. Mahadevan, and the story was written by T. K. Ramasamy. The film was released on 14 April 1948, and became a success at the box office. Plot The film begins with a sorcerer's wedding ceremony. The sorcerer, Naganathan (G. Sakunthala), plans to murder his son and heir by throwing a book at him, because he does not want to inherit the land. The sorcerer's evil son is killed in the accident. After that, Naganathan's wife Parvathi (Padmini) becomes depressed and she thinks about committing suicide. There are two men who meet Parvathi, her brother Pammal (A. V. Meiyappan) and his friend. The first man leaves Parvathi alone, but he is killed by an enraged Naganathan. Pammal and his friend then hide Parvathi. They later rescue her from Naganathan and they run away from there. There is a second man, who looks like Naganathan, who is actually his twin brother (S. Rama Rao). Naganathan's brother then tries to take Parvathi back to Naganathan. He also plans to kill Pammal and his friend. After that, the magician's brother's wife (G. Sakunthala's sister) and her brother also meet Parvathi's brother Pammal and his friend. They go to Parvathi's house and find out about the fate of their sister-in-law. The magician's brother and his wife then come to know that Parvathi is missing. They contact her brother Pammal and his friend. They try to find Parvathi, but they also do not find her. They both plan to avenge Parvathi. They go to the murderer's house and they find the evil son of Naganathan. They destroy the evil son of Naganathan, and they all laugh. Cast A. V. Meiyappan as Parvathi's brother Pammal Padmini as Parvathi S. Rama Rao as the twin

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